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my about me pictureMy name is Antonia. I’ve been a Massage Therapist for 14 years now. I’ve learned a lot about this industry, from how important massage is to the human body to learning what the best schools are for learning to massage. I enjoy what I do and it shows when giving a massage. I am going to be explaining exactly how and why I became a massage Therapist.

My Story

When I was younger, I’d say around 16yrs of age. My best friends grandmother wanted me to rub her back and shoulders. I didn’t really want to but feeling like I was put on the spot, I didn’t want to seem rude by declining. So she pulled down the back of her blouse and I began rubbing her shoulders and back. I hate to say it but I felt a little grossed out being the type of person that didn’t like to touch anyone back then. She had said that I was really good and that I should be a Massage Therapist when I grow up. I thought to myself, “there is no way that’s going to happen, yuck”. Ironically years later here I am, a Massage Therapist.

How I came to becoming a Massage Therapist was through a friend. She started her own Massage Therapy business and really needed a few Therapists. She told me she would first give me a massage to see what it was all about then train me herself if I was interested. I was extremely unsure but I figured, why not. After receiving a massage from her and learning the benefits, I was sold. The massage relaxed me so much I wanted to fall asleep. I was amazed. I then wanted to be able to make others feel as good as I felt. I worked for her for about a year then put myself through school to further my education on Massage Therapy so I could receive my certification.

Since then, I worked for a few different Chiropractors and a big beautiful spa before it went out of business. I now work in a small town salon in the town I reside in not far from my house.


From One Massage Therapist to Another

Over the years I have gotten good at what I do. I have seen clients come in limping then after receiving a massage by myself walking out with no limp at all. Many people hug me in many thanks and even tears of relief from their discomfort.

I want to help other Massage Therapists that may have a difficult time getting the same gratification. I see to many Therapists getting discouraged leading them to only doing it because they feel they have to, like its just another job. A lot of that is also due to wearing themselves out by not receiving a massage, which is very important.
I’ve had quite a few massages given to me. Some good, some not so good. I could without a doubt feel which Therapists didn’t really care or they were really tired or possibly sore. I could feel all that just by how they gave the massage. Made me think of how I give a massage while I’m sore or tired and what their thinking during the session. I’m sure I’ve given some not so good massages in the past as well.

Not paying attention to how I feel or not making the time to get a massage can make a big difference in my performance. I’ve learned a few quick and easy techniques on how to give myself a massage if I don’t have the time to find a Massage Therapist. I never go a long time without taking care of myself because I know the better I feel, the better I can make someone else feel.

As a Massage Therapist, you would think that we would be getting a massage on a regular basis. Unfortunately we get so busy taking care of others we have a tendency of forgetting ourselves.

My Purpose With massagetoolbox.com

On my site you should find some good useful ideas and tools for success not just success as in business building but taking care of yourself as well as others, and also being able to give clients a few good tips on how to self massage at home.

I worked with a lot of other therapists over the years and was able to get some good insight other than what I had already learned from being in school for learning to massage. I am putting a few things of what I learned on a website for many to read in hopes to be able to give a small but effective helping hand. To give a better understanding to what makes clients want to come back and also lets not forget about the care of the Therapist. I’m hoping by making this website, it will make the search for good ideas and tools a little easier. Given that I have experience as a client and as a Massage Therapist as most do, I want to help fellow Therapists to not get discouraged and to make it easier to build return clientele.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,




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