Body Back Buddy Massage Tool – Everything You Need To Know

Product: Body Back Buddy Massage ToolBack Buddy

Price: $29.95

Purchase: Amazon.com

Guarantee: 100% Lifetime guarantee


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This product is great for those hard to reach spots and in some positions can work on more than one area simultaneously.

Its designed in a way to give you control of the pressure desired by simply adjusting the angle of contact.

Can be used anywhere on the body. Alleviates painful areas that can be brought on by stress or chronic muscle conditions.


How To Use It

Position the Body Back Buddy over your shoulder or around your side to treat areas on neck, back and shoulders. Move it around until you locate the right position where you need it. You may want to move your body around a little once you find a sore spot, this will move the muscles around making it easier to find that knot you need treated.

Lightweight but durable

Product Features

  • Comes with 12 page instructional manual
  • 11 accurately placed therapy knobs to easily access pressure points
  • Comes in 5 different colors. Blue, Grey, Black, Purple, Green
  • If not satisfied, return within 30 days for full refund


Great For Anyone

Designed for anyone suffering from chronic pain or those just looking for stress relief. Works as a great self massage tool during that wait for your next massage appointment with a Massage Therapist.

Highly recommended by medical professionals, backed by years of feedback from Chiropractors, Massage Therapists and Physical Therapists.


What I don’t Like About The Product

  • No small grips to position your hands while using it
  • My hands and arms would get tired from holding pressure
  • Too big to take while traveling


What I Like About The Product

  • It can be used in the shower
  • The other knobs don’t hit unintended areas
  • I’m in control of what areas I want pressure on
  • Love that it comes in a few different colors


Over all, the Body Back Buddy Massage Tool is another great way to get rid of muscle knots by yourself when you can’t get into see a Massage Therapist. When I first saw this product I was expecting to find a lot of bad reviews based on the looks of the product alone. It looks like it would hurt. I was impressed by the percentage of all the great ratings and seeing the video of the product in action proved to be worth a try.


If you have tried this product or have an interest and would like to leave your personal opinion about it, please feel free to do so down below in the comment box. I’m interested to know more of what others think about it.

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  1. I’m a former massage therapist and a HUGE FAN of the back buddy – in fact, I used to give them to my favorite clients as a holiday gift. Every little bit helps, and there are few self-massage tools this manageable and effective. I agree, it’s way too big to pack in a suitcase but it’s definitely something to have at home!

    • Thank you Penelope thats a great idea to give them out to clients, I never thought of that. So good to hear your a fan of it. I am curious to know though if your hands get sore from using this.

  2. An excellent piece of equipment for the home.

    The product was described so accurately with words and images. Also liked the way in which you gave the pros and cons.

    I definitely want to purchase one. So often need a massage but there is never anyone around to give me one. Now I can give myself one.

    Many thanks. So pleased that I found this product.

    • Thank you Roy, very good to know that I could be of some help. I wasn’t really sure about this product until I saw the video and did more research on it. I would now definitely recommend this product. 

  3. An essential aspect of health which we often neglect. This looks a great product that can help many relieve themselves of pain without needing to book in a massage. Thanks for letting me know about it.

    • I’m still a little unsure about it and would love to know from others that have used it. Watching the video helped shed a lot of light on the subject though and it does look like it would be effective. Thanks for the feedback Eric

  4. It looks odd and nothing like a massage utensil.
    But after reading the article and checking out the video. I was quickly turned onto this product.

    I do aerobics for a living. So every little massage or muscle easing product I can find I would love to give a shot

    Great post I’ll be sure to follow up and let you know how it works out for me.

    • Thank you William I appreciate that.
      I thought it was a strange looking massage tool when I first saw it too.
      Looking forward to your follow up, I’m very curious to know how it works on others.

  5. if there is anything that I believe that we all need at some time or another and that is getting a massage. It is amazing how massages can get the blood flowing in those areas removing every ounce of pain and bringing about great relief. This body back massage that you are sharing seems to be really great and can get the job done especially in those hard to reach areas. Your post is well detailed and very informative.

    • I totally agree with you. I feel that Massage is essential to our wellbeing and should be included as a regular health care regimen. Thank you so much for your opinion Norman

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