Deep Recovery Massage Balls Review – Is It Worth The Money?


Massage Balls by Deep RecoveryBody Track

Body Track – Comes with instructional DVD : $49.95Balls sold separately. Used and recommended by Physical Therapists specializing in sports.


Neck Track (Large) or Neck Track (Medium) – $35.95/$36.95Neck Track
Choose medium if 5’10” / 1.8m or shorter and larger for anyone taller. Used and recommended by physical therapists specializing in sports performance and injury recovery. Releases muscle knots to increase flexibility and reduce or eliminate pain.




Large Massage Balls – 4inch diameter – $26.95large massage balls
These massage / yoga balls will penetrate and release soft tissues easily. Designed for larger muscle groups like chest, shoulders, lower back, gluts and hamstrings.



Massage Ball Set – $38.95 6 Ball set with each pair has different densities.                                     Soft, firm and verymassage ball set firm. Excellent for treating tendinitis and other chronic muscle and tendon pain, tennis elbow, and planter fasciitis.





Sport Massage Ball Set – $9.95 Harder density balls to provide strong pressure.sport massage balls





Travel Roller – $12.95 High density light-duty travel roller with 4″ diameter. Comes with lifetimetravel roller warranty.


Purchase at Deep Recovery.com

Consumer Likes

Being In Control Of Your Massage

The Massage Tool Track keeps the Balls from rolling away. This makes it much easier to use and be more in control on what muscle or muscles you want to focus on.


Save Money & Time

This product makes it easier to spend as much time as you want on a particular part of the body. A massage session with a Massage Professional limits your time unless you want to spend more money to extend your time. That could get expensive.



I like this product because I am able to take it with me anywhere and I don’t have to wait for an appointment time. I can give myself a massage when ever I want.

Travel Roller is small enough to pack in suitcase for travel


Love The Different Densities

The multiple densities of the balls can be used for different ailments the body may have. I’m more sensitive on my back then anywhere else so the different densities is a plus for me.


Decreased Pain and Increased Range of Motion

Using the Body Track decreased chronic back pain they had for 10 yrs felt an immediate and significant reduction in back pain and fatigue. Worked so great they bought the whole set. Helped with mobility. Spinal stenosis and degenerative disease was finally able to get some relief and enjoy life more.

Large massage balls relieved hip pains, great for lower back and helped with rotator cuff, gave back better range of motion with less pain.

Sport Massage Ball set helped with planter fasciitis, relieved shoulder pain. Gave the perfect amount of pressure.


Hits the right spots in neck

Suffered from severe headaches with stabbing pain, after about a month of using the Neck Track doesn’t experience the headaches.


Relieved Inflammation

Recommended in use of the Massage Balls to start with soft balls and gradually work up to the very firm. Helped relieve chronically inflamed neck, back and shoulder.


Perfect Amount of Pressure

Able to use different density balls for different areas of the body. Some areas of the body are more sensitive than others.


Great Customer Service

They get back with you immediately and are eager to resolve any problems or dissatisfaction.


Consumer Complaints

Felt Worse

Neck Track To high for their neck, balls still slide around. Made fibromyalgia feel worse.

To Hard
Two people said they didn’t like the balls from the Sport Massage Ball Set, the only reason they purchased them was because it was recommended by the company when purchasing the Body Track.

To Soft
Travel Roller is not as dense as a full size roller and it slips around while using it

Here’s a video to get a better idea of what this product is all about

Is It Worth a Try?

I say yes and judging by the higher percentage rate of good reviews versus the bad reviews apparently a lot of people would agree.

There are many self massage tools to choose from but which one is the most cost effective.

I’ve purchased a few in the past that became a waste of time and money. I bought it, tried it and I thought it was OK but now they sit in the basement collecting dust.

I’ve never seen a track to hold massage balls in place until this and for me this has always been aggravating. I can never use balls laying on the floor without them rolling all over the place. I use a ball on my back using the wall but I’m basically doing squats so my legs get tired. I personally would definitely give this product a try.

To save a little money I recommend just purchasing the Track and use your own balls. If it doesn’t seem to be  working out then purchase the balls from Deep Recovery.

Well I hope you found this Review useful and helpful. If you have any more knowledge or opinions on this product please feel free to comment down below. I would love to hear some feedback.

Thank you and have a great day,









    • I think so too Amy. I definitely recommend starting with the softer density balls or use your own. The Track in my personal main interest. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

  1. Awesome info. I will recommend your site to others.
    It is interesting how one can take care of their back at home when there is no time to go get a massage.

    • I agree. It’s a product that can be used everyday until your next appointment with a Massage Therapist.
      Thank you for your comment

  2. I’d never heard of this product, but looking at your photos it seems like it would perform as advertised. I might give this a try. Definitely better than doing squats against a wall to massage your back!

  3. It’s an interesting product. I’m wondering if there are scientific reviews/proofs behind it.

    • I think for a product like this you could actually be the judge of how beneficial it is. I feel its all based on personal preference.

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