Lactic Acid or Dehydration

Why Drink Water After a Massage

Most Massage Therapists including myself will tell you to drink water after a massage. We all know there are many benefits to the human body from drinking water. But why after a massage.

There is a debate on whether there really is a beneficial reaction to the body from consuming water after receiving a massage.

It is believed that a massage pulls out the lactic acid and other toxins from muscles which then travels into the circulatory system, to the kidneys to be flushed out through the urine. Drinking water before, after or both makes it easier during a massage for these toxins to be flushed out.drinking water after a massage

This is the knowledge that I have been taught in school of massage therapy. Knowledge that I have believed and passed on to clients for many years. If you ask a massage therapist, what is being released not all but many will say lactic acid and other toxins. There is much belief that lactic acid is toxic to the human body and it needs to be released through massage.

But after doing research, I am now finding out that this may not be entirely true. Within in my search I have found that lactic acid moves from muscles to organs and is a great source of energy. It travels through the blood stream to the liver. The liver then turns it back to glucose. Glucose is used by the human body for energy. Defining Lactic acid as “NOT” a toxin.

This may not be a surprise as most people know this to be true of lactic acid but there are some who still define lactic acid as being toxic.

Lactic Acid or Dehydration

With that being said it has come to my attention that the only reason to drink water after a massage,dehydration is to hydrate. Receiving a massage can be dehydrating. The substances being released during a massage by the muscles are water, salt and other materials.

Normally waste from cells are produced in the body. A massage will release the waste at a more rapid pace than the body would on its own. This can cause the body to feel sore after a massage. Drinking water will help minimize or prevent the uncomfortable feeling of being sore.

There are many that believe there is no release of anything during a massage and water doesn’t help prevent from feeling sore. The debate on this subject caught my interest and decided to create this article. I have yet to find any credible study by an actual Dr. or Scientist to support this information.

I’m hoping my article will catch the attention of someone who has expert knowledge backed up by facts not speculations on this topic.

If my article was insightful and knowledgeable to you and have more facts on this subject please feel free to express them down below in the comment box.


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