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Therapeutic Massage Professionals – A little History

Massage dates back to the 1700’s and I’m sure even before then. Therapeutic Massage Professionals were referred to as Rubbers. Surgeons hired Rubbers to assist with rehabilitation to patients after surgery.therapeutic massage professionals

In the 1900’s Rubbers were gradually being replaced by highly skilled and educated Masseuses and Masseurs.  Masseurs, meaning men Massage Professionals.

In 1958 the American Massage Therapy Association encouraged calling massage practitioners Massage Therapists in stead of Masseuse and Masseurs.

By the 1960’s the title Massage Therapist became more prominent as the title Masseuse was being tarnished by prostitution.

Title Preference

Now you know a little history of where the title Masseuse and Massage Therapist came from. From time to time I still hear people say Masseuse when referring to a Massage Therapist.

I have to admit it does bother me a little but I find it hard to correct them. I don’t want to seem rude. I will however correct my clients since they know me enough to know I’m not being rude.

I personally prefer to be addressed as Massage Therapist or  Massage Professional and I’m sure I’m speaking for other Therapeutic Massage Professionals on this subject matter.

Keeping it Professional

Unfortunetly prostitution in massage parlors exist today all over the world making it dangerous for us Therapeutic Massage Professionals. There are some that don’t know the difference and assume that when they come to receive a massage there going to receive more than just a massage.

keeping it professionalThis is why I strongly recommend for a Massage Therapist if doing business out of their home to really stress the phrase “professional massage and nothing more” when receiving calls from new clients.

I also recommend for female therapists to not accept any male clients into your home business.

I know there are probably female clients that could get the wrong idea as well but as long as you stress over the phone that it’s a professional massage and nothing else, you should be fine.

keeping it professionalEvery massage therapist should have emergency safety plans if doing massage out of the home.

Once in a great while you may have a male client make a tent while on the table during a massage. It is very important to maintain professionalism in other words don’t freak out.

This does not categorize as inappropriate behavior.  Believe it or not they can’t help it sometimes the body just has a natural response all on its own.

Keep in mind they are most likely way more embarrassed than you so just don’t react. Ignore it and pretend that it never happened.

They may apologize and if they do assure them that this type of thing is natural and happens all the time.

Please feel free to leave any comments down below.  Would love to know any thoughts and opinions on what you think about using the title masseuse or if it even matters to you.





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