Massage Therapy Health Benefits – How The Body Responds

Stress, whether emotional or physical, has been known to cause all sorts of ailments in the body. The challenge that we are all familiar with is getting the stress under our control. Finding the time to do the things we enjoy or finding out “what” we enjoy.

Ask yourself how many times you see a Dr. in a years time. If you have a better relationship with your Dr. then your best friend, I’d say its time to make a new health investment. Find a Massage Therapist and try to make your visits apart of you monthly health regimen.


How Our Bodies React To A Massagehow does the body respond

During a massage session there are activity proteins found in the body that cause pain and inflammation that lessen. At the same time the levels of proteins that provide energy and help muscles recover increase.

These effects are very similar to the effects of anti-inflammatory drugs.

The blood circulation increases and helps the body heal on a cellular level providing nutrients to tissues helping heal the body.

One Massage Therapy health benefit is that it produces and regulates neurohormones. These hormones are produced by the nervous system that affect behavior and well being.

Massage elevates levels of dopamine, which in return can help with focus, joy, enthusiasm and intuition.

Serotonin is also another neurohormone that is elevated from massage. The results of low serotonin can be difficulty sleeping, depression and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

There are numerous positive results to receiving a massage. More than what I think people realize. Just from a 15-minute seated massage can increase a person’s alertness. A slower, longer more rhythmic massage can create a feeling of relaxation and help with sleep.

Cortisol is a stress related neurohormone that is also reduced from Massage Therapy.

mindfulness massage

Massage Therapy Health Benefits

  • Healthy Blood Flow
  • Reduces Stress Levels
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Reduce Insomnia
  • Decrease Headaches
  • Reduce Muscle Tension
  • Improve Balance In Older Adults
  • And much much more. These are just a few.


Who Can Receive a Massage?animal massage

Even animals and babies can benefit from massage therapy.

Massage for animals can help with behavior and temperament problems, physical and mental health just as it does for humans. Can also form a good bond between you and your pet.

Massage for babies can ease their tummy troubles and teething pains, boost muscle development, baby massagecalm when fussy and sooth baby to sleep. Also, makes it easier to bond with your newborn.

Massage is a great treatment for the Elderly as well. Helps manage and prevent age related diseases.

Upon receiving a massage on a regular basis can increase the quality of life allowing the older clients to feel younger, healthier and balanced.

Basically anyone can receive health benefits of a massage unless their Dr. says different.

Who Should Not Receive a Massage

Massage does boost the immune system but when the body is fighting off a virus due to a cold or flu a massage can increase symptoms of feeling sick. Massage increases circulation so everything is being pushed at a higher rate versus your bodies natural flow.

If you have been drinking alcohol, it’s not a good idea to get a massage. Intoxication desensitizes you, there for giving unreliable feed back to your therapist of the level of pressure.

Some would disagree but receiving a massage after straining a muscle may interfere with the healing process so it shouldn’t be recommended.who shouldn't get a massage

For type 1 diabetics,  it’s never good to massage the injection site after insulin injections. This can affect how fast the insulin is absorbed by the body.

A full body massage can lower blood sugar resulting in a hypoglycemic episode in a diabetic client. Always be sure to know what is going on with your diabetic client and have them fill out an intake form.

People with heart conditions should get permission from their Dr. before receiving a massage. Themassage and heart flow of circulation during a massage could have a negative affect on the heart. Massage focuses on moving the fluids towards the heart. It could be faster than what the heart can handle.

Not saying that receiving a massage if you have a heart condition is bad. It can have beneficial affects but still need to get permission from your Dr.


What are Muscle Knots

What does it mean to have a muscle knot? Muscle fibers one by one begin to ripple up stickinga muscle knot together, pulling on other muscle fibers to do the same.

Before you know it you have a form of what feels like a small knot or ball  embedded in your muscle.

This gives that tight feeling and may even result in less range of motion.

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  1. I’ve been getting massages for almost twenty years, and it’s made a huge difference in my health – not just physical, but mental and emotional health. I am fortunate right now to have health insurance that pays for them, and I’m actually getting several a week!

    • So good to hear your a believer and are doing something about it. Still so many think massage is just something relaxing with no real health benefits. I wish more Doctors would recommend it to their patients. Thanks Penelope

  2. My favorite subject Messages. I found this information very interesting as I am a bundle of knots right now and my husband has been encouraging me to go get a message. I know they can be very good and have had a few however, I learned something new from your article that you should be careful if you have diabetes type 1 or heart issues. I am glad you included that information.

    • Oh wonderful! So glad you found my article helpful. I’m hoping to be able to help a lot of people through my website.

  3. Hi Tony, I never realised there were SO many benefits to massage. Mindblowing! I think I have had one massage in my whole life and you have given me the incentive to book one today. Very interesting about the lowering of inflammation as good as drugs. As inflammation is the root cause of almost all illness and disease it just goes to prove the true health benefits of regular massage. Thanks

    • I’m happy you found my article informational. Its gratifying to know I’m getting the word out about being able to replace some medications that can be harmful, with Massage Therapy.

  4. Everyone can use a nice massage. I never knew they had so many health benefits. Thanks for this article.

  5. It’s nice to be reminded about a massage again. I think I need to visit back my therapist. No doubt I feel so happy during a massage as they reduce my stress hormone and increase my dopamine. Thank you for sharing.

  6. When I was in my one and only, very stressful, but well paid, corporate career right out of graduate school, I would get a massage at least 2x per month. The benefits were amazing. Since I had no relationships, no boyfriend, just MUCH daily stress and responsibility, the massages would give me a new outlook from the dopamine and serotonin HIGH right after the sessions. Nothing quite like it, other than true love. Which I have not had in 25 years.

    • I love to hear when people can experience the benefits of Massage Therapy. I’m a Massage Therapist but also very addicted to getting massages. Thank you for taking the time to read my article.

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