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Whether your completely successful or not in this industry there is always something new to learn. Learning from experienced Massage Therapists that have been in the business for years is always helpful. You know they picked up a lot of helpful tips a long the way. I know I picked up a lot in my 14yrs in this business. I would like to take this opportunity to share a little of what Massage Tips and Techniques I learned a long the way.

In my opinion a few of the most important aspects of giving a massage is atmosphere, communication, flow, touch, and paying close attention to body language during the massage session. Keeping them comfortable and keeping complete focus on them for the whole time. After all for the time they paid, it’s all about them.

One helpful tip and this helps me every time is, treat them the way you would want to be treated.


Lotions vs. Oils

Avoid scented oils and lotions, some clients could be allergic or sensitive to smells. The wrong scent could ruin there entire session. Not saying don’t use it at all, just find out before the appointment if they would like scented or unscented. I have a client that gets a migraine from the scent of lavender so if you like to use scented oils or lotions always keep an unscented as a back up.massage oils and lotions

I prefer using both lotion and oil at one time. The mix of the two helps my hand glide more and not soak into there skin. This way I spend less time going back to get more and able to finish with that body part. The fewer stops the better the flow. Plus it saves you a little money from having to refill right away, as a little goes a long way. I like to use coconut oil mixed with my lotion, it’s great for the skin.

I haven’t had any problems with stains on sheets since I switched to coconut oil. In the past I used extra virgin olive oil and that did stain up the sheets. That brings me to a helpful tip on getting the stains out.

  • Make a paste of lemon juice mixed with baking soda. Leave on for about 15 min. then wash as usual

Do research and of course try different oils and lotions to see what ones best suit you and your clients. I found that the more glide  on the skin the better my flow, so you really want to stay away from lotions or oils that absorb to quickly.

Sacred Healing Space

massage room ideasYour massage room doesn’t have to be extravagant but it does have to be inviting, warm & cozy with a touch of dreamy. The first thing is the color of the room, you want relaxing colors. Nothing to bright or bold.

The furniture should provide ease of movement around the room for your client and yourself. The furniture should provide enough storage space for your equipment and supplies, also provide a chair for your client to use.

Accessories such as pictures, candles, fountains and a mirror work wonderful in creating a relaxed setting. Try to make sure your room is free from noise or disruption.

Use soothing and subtle music, like a couple of my favorites are Kenny G, and Enya. You want to stay away from anything to fast or high-pitched. Nothing to up beat.

Always keep a tidy and clean room. Having crisp clean sheets and be at a comfortable temperature. In the winter when my clients come in out of the cold, I use a table heater under the sheets that keep them warm. Have extra blankets and pillows for extra comfort.

During the hot summer days I keep the air on but not to high to where it’s freezing. Also, keep tissues and water available to clients.


Keep them Raving

All of what I talked about above will have your clients coming back but you also have to have the right technique for each client. Every person is different and have their own personal preference. Your sensitivity to there needs will bring comfort to them and have them raving about your massage Technique.

Some Massage Tips and Techniques I use that everyone seems to love. I’m sure a lot of you already do this but there are quite a few therapists who don’t and I for one love this being done on me.body massage

  • I like to begin a massage with light pressure slowly shifting to medium. The client may want more or less pressure, either way I make the transition without interference of the flow. In other words I don’t stop. Speaking as a client I do not like when a Therapist starts in deep pressure right away, it tenses up the muscles making it harder to relax and I like to give a massage the way I like a massage done on me.
  • A nice slow flow is more relaxing than fast. I feel that flow ranks high in making or breaking a great massage session as well as pressure. Fast flow may seem a little too vigorous to the client. Not to mention, if you get a client that has high blood pressure believe it or not but fast flow could raise there BP even higher. Which, takes us back to good communication between client and Therapist.
  • For those deep tissue clients. I use my elbows and arms to give my hands a break. Not onlymassage tips and techniques do I use the pointy part of my elbow but I incorporate the padding of my elbow, making sure I use my body weight. Kind of relax into it. This will help ease your hands as well. There are also special tools you can use to aid in getting out stubborn knots deep in the fascia. I recommend the use of these tools. Like your hands, elbows will eventually generate stress.


  • Being a Massage Therapist also means you have to take care of yourself. If you don’t feel good, it’s harder to make someone else feel good. I stretch every morning and every night before bed. If my feet are sore I’ll rub them while watching T.V. I also have a rubber ball that was made by my friend and fellow massage therapist that I use on my back. I place the ball between my back and the wall, then move around and lean into it. Since it’s completely rubber it gives just the right amount of pressure. This has been a huge help for me when I don’t have the time to make an appointment with a Massage Therapist.

Its also great to give some self home Massage Tips and Techniques to your clients that need it the most. It will help them until it’s time for there next appointment.



Adding to Your Massage Tool Box

I hope you were able to find my Massage Tips and Techniques helpful and beneficial to maximizing what you already know about this industry. These are all useful tools to add to your massage tool box whether your just starting out as a Massage Therapist or you’ve been in this industry for years.

I learned that massage plays an important role in our lives to help alleviate any dis-ease that exists in the human body. But I’ve also learned that the way the body reacts depends on how the massage is given. I truly believe that if you utilize the few Massage Tips and Techniques I went over, your clients will be feeling rejuvenated. You will have additional returning clientele.   I wish you much success in your future with Massage Therapy.



  1. I am curious about the paste of lemon juice mixed with baking soda. What is it used for?
    I also agree “If you don’t feel good, it’s harder to make someone else feel good”. Taking good care of yourself is important. Does that include getting messages regularly for a fellow massage therapist?

    • Hi there Tony W
      The paste is for oil stains on your massage sheets and yes a fellow Massage Therapist should get a massage on a regular basis.
      Thank you for you comment

  2. Thanks for these tips, Antonia.
    Good point about scented oils and lotions. I personally prefer scented, but some do smell too strong and can cause headaches. The idea to mix oils and lotions is great!

    Plus, the tips about sacred healing space, love it, love it, love it! I do enjoy massage in a space that is all that you described. Makes it so conducive and easy to start relaxing.

    Once again, thanks for this post!

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