Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Review / Is it worth it

Full body Shiatsu Massage Chair Review – #1 Self Massage Care

Product – Electric Full body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Stretched Foot Rest 06massage chairs

Price – $758.99 & Free shipping

Cheapest place of purchase – Amazon.com

Guarantee – 1 year Limited warranty includes parts and labor



The Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner, Product Overview

There are a lot of nice Mechanical Massage Chairs out there but this one in particular I have found with high quality at a fraction of the cost.

This chair conforms to the contour and shape of your back with an added neck massage feature. The massage heads are designed to target stress relieving acupressure points for the shoulder and neck.

There are more than 30 air bags in the chair, built in heat and intelligent roller system. Adjustable air massage with multiple levels of intensity from strong to weak.  Comes with an easy to use control panel.

There are 20 air bags in the lower body of the chair to provide massage to legs, and feet. Which provides better blood circulation to the lower extremities.

It provides heat in the back and feet, and a built in hand massager.

 Now for the Cons

I haven’t found many cons to this chair other than its large and does seem to take up a lot of space.

The air bags make some noise when filling up with air. Nothing to loud and obnoxious but for some it could be a deal breaker.

The only one down fall and it may not be a down fall for most but is the reassembling of the chair upon arrival to the home. It only takes about 20 minutes to reassemble but personally I feel something of this price should come already intact.

Some Benefits From a Massage Chair

Some chairs can boost energy, help exercise your muscles, relieve achy and sore muscles. Very similar to receiving a massage from a Therapist. Some chairs can also help correct posture and improve sleep.

Can reduce anxiety and helps increase mental alertness.

massage chairsIf you suffer from head aches this chair has also been known to help.

This Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner enables you to recline all the way back. You could actually take a nap in this chair.

So while relaxing and watching T.V., your receiving health benefits at the same time. Sounds nice doesn’t it?

I recommend this chair to my clients that have bad circulation and can’t come in on a regular basis to receive a massage. Granted theses clients are around the age of 75 to 80 and have a difficult time finding a way of transportation.

Massage Chairs also help with blood circulation. Also recommend this to those with a disability that prevents them from being able to do much walking or not walk at all.

I have to admit I’m a little skeptical about all the benefits. Nothing beats the power of touch from receiving a full body massage from a Massage Professional.

I am not disagreeing in any way of the benefits to these Mechanical chairs.

I feel its great for those who can’t get out of the house or those who have a difficult time finding the time to see a Massage Professional.

Not Just for the Therapist – Self Care Massage

I strongly recommend self massage tips for everyone not just for the Massage Therapist. I feel it’s very important to our health. These massage chairs are just one of many ways to effectively help with that. The difference is that a massage chair makes it more convenient and thats one of the reasons why I am recommending it.

With all the benefits this chair has to offer it would make a great gift for anyone. The price is high but so is the quality.


In Conclusion

There are many of these chairs to choose from. Once you are serious about making a purchase you can find them on Amazon.com. Shop around for the best chair that suits you and your needs.

Year after year they have been improving the performance of these chairs. Now with all the technology there is out there it has brought these chairs up to another level.

They have different colors, textures and strengths. I personally don’t like the ones that provide a harder touch. I like the more relaxing lighter touch, just enough to lightly rub the muscles. Most chairs come with a control panel or remote control like this one but there are some that do not.

I’m finding these chairs becoming more and more popular. I see them in businesses such as malls, in in fact that’s where I sat in one for the first time.

I personally love this product.  I do believe its worth it depending on your lifestyle. These chairs aren’t for everyone and they are costly.  I talked about other self care massage ideas in my website but this one is the best self care massage you can get. I hope you enjoyed this review of the Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner.





  1. You have given me a reason to try the massage seats, I see them in them mall too and have never given them a second thought. My back had a problem some time back and will contemplate buying one. right now I am seeing a chiropractor(I hope I got the spelling right)
    Thank you for the review Antonia

    • Your very welcome. The more massages you get the less Chiroprator visits you’ll have. But since massage sessions can get a little pricey, thats were self massage comes in. Hope your back gets better and I’m happy you found my article helpful.

  2. I found your article very helpful. I suffer from Chronic Migraine and being able to get a massage at the onset of an attack would be very helpful. My problem is the space that it takes up. I living in a townhouse and I simply don’t have the space for one. When my daughter finally moves out I plan to take over her room and then I could probably get one. Until then I just have nowhere to put one. Thank you for your article though!

    • Yes unfortunately these chairs do take up a lot of room especially when you want to recline. So sorry to hear about your migraines maybe seeing a Massage Therapist more frequent will help in reducing them.

  3. This seems awesome! I have a lot of family members with aches and pains almost all the time that could use this!

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